A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Keybinds: WASD to rotate the map, arrow keys to pan map, scroll to zoom in and out of the map.

Instructions: Rectangular/square tiles can be moved by clicking anywhere on them then clicking to any place to which it could travel in a line parallel to the X or Y axis. Circular tiles can be spun by clicking or right clicking them. Purple rectangular/square tiles break after being walked on two times, and yellow ones can be raised and lowered by selecting them and scrolling up or down.

The player can travel to any path that it could reach through traveling ONLY across other paths. Paths possible to be traveled to by the player are marked with a red dot on them. Clicking anywhere on any legal path target will cause the player to travel to it. If you click a path that is a legal target for the player to travel to with the aim of selecting the tile instead, rather than selecting the tile, the player will move to that path instead. If you wish to select a tile that the player is able to move to, instead click anywhere on the tile not containing a path.

The end goal of each level is for the robot to travel to the spaceship by building a set of paths that allow it to reach it.

Install instructions

Should run properly from any directory. Will create a save file in the same directory it is installed in.


Shift.jar 127 MB